Friday, October 5, 2007

My Love For Creative Writing

As a woodcarver for over 25 years, I'm come out of the closet of the fine art and trade world, and I have got no background in authorship whatsoever. During my wood carving days, I carved over 200 original, cartoon-like characters in wood, and most of the pieces were captioned. I would compose about how the thought came about for the piece, depict it, and if there were any jobs or challenges connected with it. This is how my involvement in authorship came about.

Several old age after I started carving wood, I was invited to fall in the Southwest Writers Workshop, by the then, president of the organization, Eileen Stanton, who is one of New Mexico's top writer's. She have sold over 5,000 articles, to some of the tip mags and newspapers in the country. With over 600 members nationwide, S.W.W. have some of the most talented and complete authors anywhere. Gratuitous to say, I was flattered by the invitation.

As my involvement grew in the field of writing, and in my 40's, I completed three authorship courses of study to seek to better my authorship skills. The Writer's Digest correspondence course; the National Writers Baseball Club course, and a originative authorship course of study of study of study at the University of New Mexico, taught by Eileen Stanton. This is one of the best things I've ever done, as it have given me the assurance in my writing. And, it have given me the assurance to construct my website, and compose my articles to demo the world, etc.

As a woodcarver, I always carved a piece to delight Maine first, and I hoped others would wish it. And, so it is with writing...I compose to delight Maine first, and then Iodine trust others will wish my work. And, then I compose to delight my readers...and, I never, never compose to delight a hunt engine, by picking words so that a hunt engine can Munch on! And yes, during the gloss phase of authorship the piece, if I can come up up with words, that volition delectation a hunt engine, I'll utilize them...otherwise, I just allow things be. I can't conceive of what one of my articles would look like, if I wrote for a hunt engine!

I don't see myself an expert at anything, so I've chosen to compose about a broad assortment of subjects during my first twelvemonth in writing. I bask writing about my experiences...and especially if the article will assist others, such as as the piece I wrote entitled, "Smoking Sucks: How I Discontinue Smoking." or "Discrimination Against Older Workers (Ageism); or "Ricky's Story: Alcoholism and "Tough Love." Just State NO To Dirty Wit is another piece I'm pleased have done well.

As a woodcarver, I always took opportunities with my work, and I sold almost everything I carved. It's the same with writing, as I have got taken opportunities with my authorship pieces as well. I took a opportunity with, SOS! My Serious and Cockamamie Articles, which was more than of a study on all my other articles, and in three months, it took the top topographic point (hits/views) and stayed there for two months. I took a opportunity with a piece I wrote entitled, "Auto Racing: Ladies...Start Your Engines, which an fanciful piece about 33 women drivers at the Indy 500 race. This piece raced up and took the one-tenth spot, and have done very well.

I took a opportunity with a piece I wrote, in which I quoted from an article in the newspaper, and then offered My Two Cents in the piece. This was the lone article that debuted at figure one, in October, 2006! I took a opportunity with, The SpaMobile Have Arrived (beep-beep), and it took the Pb in publishing house hits in its first month, and have been published on over 75 directories!

After my first twelvemonth (8/06 to 8/07) I thought the reader might wish to see how my articles finished the year, and see the broad assortment of subjects I chose. 1) Here's the Skinny On How I Lost 40 Pounds. This was my most popular article during the year, and is running away with the field (hits/views) astatine both and at Authors Lair (writing site). 2) Music: The Beginning of Rock and Axial Rotation For Me (1955); 3) Discrimination Against Older Workers (Ageism); 4) The Earnestness of Depression; 5) Diabetes On The Rise; 6) I'm Proud to be an American Veteran; 7) Smoke Sucks: How I Discontinue Smoking; 8) Hallowe'En Party: The Two-Headed Monster; 9) Is Bald Beautiful?; 10) The Negative Side of Humor; 11) Car Racing; Ladies...Start Your Engines...; 12) Don't Golf My Way; 13) Wit Helps United States All to Cope With the Aging Process; 14) The English Language is All "Greek" To Me; 15) My Individualized License Plate Reads: SLOWPOK; 16) The Positive and Healing Power of Humor; 17) How I Saved My Dog Daniel; 18) Makes Life Begin at 40?; 19) Wit 101 For Dumbos; 20) Legacy; A Gift of Writing.

This is how the articles finished, as far as being published on other websites, with the figure being in (parenthesis)

1) Smoke Sucks: How I Discontinue Smoke (published on 16 websites); 2) Sabrina: Another Smoke Casualty (15); 3) Hallowe'En Party: The Two-Headed Monster (14); 4) Discrimination Against Older Workers (Ageism) (11/tie); 5) Legacy: A Gift of Writing (11/tie); 6) How I Saved My Dog Daniel (11/tie) 7) Music: The Beginning of Rock and Axial Rotation For Me (1955) (10 websites); 8) Rich Person You Ever Kissed an Ashtray (pucker-up) (9/tie); 9) The Negative Side of Wit (9/tie); 10) How Wit Helps Me To Cope (9/tie)

Needless to say, I have got had a very productive and successful first twelvemonth in writing! And, I'll have got to allow person else make up one's mind if I'm a good author or not.

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