Sunday, August 26, 2007

Article Writing - Blending Your Heart and Head When Writing and Rewriting Your First Article

Writing articles is merriment because you're sharing your heart. However just like painting, cooking, or gardening, you have got to make clean up afterwards. That's what's known as rewriting or revising your articles.

After pouring out your bosom on paper, take a break. This measure in the authorship procedure is known as a bosom shit and no redaction is required. The 2nd measure is coming back to what you've written after your interruption to redact your article before submitting it.

Your passionateness and emotion come up from your heart. That's why authorship your bill of exchange is fun. But you probably learned early in life that work is the impudent side of fun. Editing is the workings portion of writing.

To edit, you utilize your brain, not your heart, because redaction necessitates critical and logical skills. More specifically, you utilize the left side of your brain. At this point you go an editor and must not be married to what you've written. Good editors are not afraid to get rid of unneeded words. Great editors critique, rearrange, and gloss an article so that it is appealing to readers.

This may sound like two different people are in you. If you're having jobs deciding which one will be in control, see a psychiatrist. But if you're having jobs determining what should and should not be cut, you're normal. In fact, you're the individual I'm writing to.

Blending your caput and bosom is not as hard as it seems. The interruption you take after authorship your article can be for a day, two days, or however long you like - provided it's not more than than a week. You desire to go back to your article with new freshness, not staleness. By that clip your passionateness and emotion are no longer an issue. You are free to read your article as a reader would.

Delete, add, re-arrange, Oregon re-do. Try a different position if you're not completely satisfied with what you've written. You can always salve your very best thoughts or ideas for another article. If not, ditch it. You've got more than words inside you.

Here's a great redaction tip: don't be so loyal or faithful to what you've written that you can't divorcement yourself from your words. Remember that you're a writer. Words are your business. If they are not working, cut them. That's why you have got a cut and cancel option on your computer. Use it, it's painless.

Never be afraid to make because that's your gift. Perfection rarely come ups with the first draft, especially for beginning writers. Don't be discouraged and don't give up.

Continue to compose articles and rewrite them. There are readers waiting to larn and be changed by the articles you write. If necessary you can always utilize a authorship templet to assist you acquire started.


Norman said...

Hello Bridges,

I stumbled across your blog today and read some interesting and informative marketing articles which I thought I'd like to publish on my site.

But I could find no way to contact you from your blog to get permission.

So I did some checking on my own and discovered that the majority of articles posted on your blog are in violation of the Blogger Content Policy regarding copyright infringement.

They also violate the Terms of Service of every respected Article Distribution site on the Internet.

Specifically, you violated the copyrights of the authors...

- by NOT publishing the entire article WITHOUT changes.
- by NOT including the FULL Resource box at the end.
- by NOT making all links active, and much more.

These infringements expose you to liability for ALL attorney fees and statutory damages that may be awarded against you in the event a copyright infringement lawsuit is brought by a plaintiff.

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I will also be notifying and supplying Blogger the same information so that they may enforce the terms of your agreement with them.


Norman Bishop

Leslie said...

Hi Bridges,

Norman Bishop emailed me regarding copyright violation of my article, "Article Writing - Blending Your Heart and Head When Writing and Rewriting Your First Article."

It appears that you have changed some words and omitted the resource box, but the essence of the article is the same.

Please honor the copyrights of authors. I will notify of this infraction.

Lessie Harvey