Monday, August 6, 2007

Who Is The Ultimate Winner?

The Amish have got long been seen as curiosities in a human race increasingly inclined towards modern benefits of science. While no 1 denies the right of the people of this human race to dwell in the lap of luxury, it is perhaps unfair to aim those who voluntarily give up things which make not lawsuit their culture. After all, it is the birthright of every human beingness to dwell the manner he wants. Of course, that makes not take into business relationship the lives of felons and terrorists, but a normal individual wanting to dwell life in his ain particular manner should definitely be allowed to make so, as long as it makes not interfere negatively with that of others. Why, then, are the Amish a mark of onslaughts by the bulk society? Why make we often hear of onslaughts by raucous young person on the peaceful Amish young person going about his concern quietly?

For those of us who may wish to believe that what this article states is all untrue, just look at the newspaper headlines of the regional document once in a while. It is a fact of life that the weak and the minorities of this human race are targeted by the majority, merely because they go on to be different. Why so? Put those same people in the topographic point of the minority, or in a place where they make not have got their societal systems to endorse them, and more than often than not they will meekly submit to whatever demands are made of them. The courageousness to stand up up for what you believe is right is not very common, more than so amongst those who take screen behind the mask of being the majority. It necessitates rare courageousness to be different, and yet happen your manner amongst the mass of humanity. The inclination to mock the weak or the underprivileged talks volumes of the bully-like behavior of the individual concerned. Such a individual have never grown beyond his school days, when he would utilize his big size and low intelligence to mock those inferior to him in size and strength. Are it the inborn insecurity of this bully, then, that brands him desire to seek to demo himself one-up on those who cannot retaliate?

While the tough is urgently in demand of psychological counseling, the so-called weak minority pulls its strength from this very mocking mental attitude to turn in stature and self-belief. Take the Amish. They quietly travel about their work, not bothering about the contemptuous expressions that come up their way. The production of human race social class Amish piece of furniture is a lawsuit in point. While the strong-arms acquire their inexpensive thrills out of mocking the meek, the more than sophisticated 1s decorate their places with the finely crafted, best quality Amish made furniture. Thus the ultimate triumph lies in the success of these difficult working, simple people.

Still happen it hard to believe what I am saying? Check out any good piece of furniture shop for the best quality of points they hold. Chances are, more than often than not you will happen yourself admiring the simplicity, the workmanship and the elegance of the Amish handcrafted piece of furniture you have got been presented for your appraisal. If such as is the nature of the work quality of these simple, down-to-earth people who believe in pure difficult work and small else, who is at fault? Who is the ultimate winner?

The tough who fells within the bulk necessitates to turn up and act like a man.

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biofree4life said...

I understand exactly what you are saying. I grew up Amish and now I can live the Best of Both Cultures...

Not everyone can do that because there are things I know that are not talked about to the outside.

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