Monday, November 12, 2007

Breaking News - Man vs Nature

Break, interruption and break.

Your civilization is broken. Your routine is broken. Your whole twenty-four hours is broken. Your eves are broken. Your life have go one helluva suspension of incisive breaks.

Fortunately your business office gives you only one interruption a day. But if you even believe of enjoying your interruption you acquire mercilessly broken. If you prefer to remain at place your being acquires broken.

The news channels maintain on breakage their news till nil remains. They even interrupt the news of a bosom broken married woman beaten by her liquor broken husband. The amusement channels interrupt you tastelessly when you begin finding it palatable. The film channels interrupt you so much that you give up going any additional with it. The athletics channels interrupt even the unrecorded legal proceeding and let so much interruption virus weirdo into the little silver screen that you almost necessitate a google hunt to happen your front-runner players.

This load of interruptions is definitely getting oppressive and unsafe for the life planet. How so? Well, we cannot afford to take a interruption here. We go on relentlessly so that you acquire the full point without it being broken.

It is said that nature retaliates when adult male perpetrates follies on earth. Nature seeks to impart messages or warnings first. When these are not heeded nature starts breaking out in full fury. Enough interruptions are enough follies. Nature have already demonstrated that in a countless form all over the globe.

In summertime coldness creeps in owed to incessant rains. If you see the form in different parts of the Earth including Republic Of India you will happen that 10% to 50% of entire seasonal rainfall acquire delivered in just few hours or in a single day. After that follows a long spread and then again the flood for one or two days. Floods, earthquakes, fires have got acquired added military unit owed to the concentrated efforts. So you sudate in winter, tremble in summer, swim in rainwater and desperation of nature's unseasonal behavior. Deadly surprises lurk in every corner of your planet.

Yes, nature too have started breakage news and taking breaks. It interrupts out furiously to interrupt for a long time period of rest.

Dare take a break?


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