Thursday, June 14, 2007

Article Writing - How to Get Over Writer's Block and Write 20 Articles a Day

Article writing is not easy, I realize that. Some days I can write 20 articles and some days I only write 10 and then on another day, none at all.

My greatest regret in my online business is that I have not written twice as many articles as I have written. I believe with all my heart that my current income would be twice what it is if I had written twice as many articles up to this point.

But some days it is not easy.

I stare at a blank page, and wonder what to write.

Here is the technique I find works best for me.

I write a list of all the keywords I would like to write articles about. This might be a list of 200 or more.

I do this in word online so that I can edit easily.

Then I write one thing next to the keyword that I want to write an article about.

Now I have a list of 200 article topics.

Then I start at the top, and write 3 things I need to write about to do each topic justice.

Next, I go to the top of the list and start writing the articles. I can write 200 articles (enough for 10 days at 20 articles per day) with this list.

Do I get bored? Yes. Is it always easy? No.

But I just do it. I have to. Articles are the fuel for my profitable online business.

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