Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Marketing Your New Web Site With Articles - Get Traffic And Credibility

You've created a brand new Web site. You hope that within a few days you'll get lots of traffic. But days pass into weeks, and then into months, and on a good day, three people visit your site. You've got a great site, but no traffic.

What's the traffic-building secret?

While there are dozens of ways you can market your new Web site to increase traffic, one marketing strategy stands out: article marketing. When you market your site with articles, you're providing free content for other sites to use, as long as they include your "resource box", with links back to your site. The more your articles are used on other sites, the more signposts you have to your site, and the more traffic you'll get.

Article marketing helps your site in another way: it builds trust and credibility for you. The search engines will rank you according to the amount of "trust" - links pointing to your site, that your site has. However, it's important that these links are relevant, that is, they're from sites which are on the same topic as your site. It's also vital that you gain some trusted links: links from sites with trust and longevity.

Therefore, as you continue to market your site with articles, soon your site develops lots of links, and lots of trust, all of which translates into traffic.

Develop An Article Marketing Plan For Never-ending Traffic

Your article marketing starts with a plan. The more articles you write and post on article directories, the more signposts point to your site, and the more trust you gain, so writing lots of articles is vital.

Unfortunately life gets in the way of our good intentions, unless you commit to article marketing with a plan. Decide how many articles you will write (or have someone else write) for your site over the next three months.

Both quality and quantity count. You need to aim to create quality article content: the higher the quality, the more sites will use your articles. However, one fantastic article a month is a slow way to build traffic.

Decide how many articles you'll write for your site per month, and schedule those articles, right now. Take half an hour to decide on article topics, and write the titles. Then get out your calendar, and schedule the articles.

Three months from today, you'll have traffic which increases daily, and article marketing will become your favorite Web site marketing method.


merjoem32 said...

Great tips. I have been running into some problems with my Internet marketing business so I can use the tips you posted in this blog. Hopefully, I may be able to figure out a way to improve my business with the help of these tips.

Micks Desk said...

Great article about article marketing - accurate and useful.

Publishing articles online is a great way to generate some fast traffic to your site - if done the right way. I've started using some article marketing submission tools recently that really help get your article out there.