Sunday, June 3, 2007

Paris Hilton - Is She All Fake?

One can never be so fake nor can she always be true. Persons have to wear masks at any given moment and you may find her lying or saying the truth. But sometimes, because of the consistency of not telling the truth, people are pushed behind the walls to believe that nothing true will ever come out of that person's mouth. On the other hand, while she may, in fact, be telling the truth, it will be harder to believe each time since there is actually no real, consistent record for such.

Now, is Paris Hilton a complete fake? She may be superficial but that doesn't necessarily and absolutely mean that she is everything but real.

Okay, let's start with how much she's worth. By the dollars, she's probably worth somewhere between $20 million up to $30, but don't ask me where I have taken that figure because we can't exactly know for sure. That was just a rough estimate. Nonetheless, even with $10 million, it would be easy for someone to buy his or her forgiveness or at least buy her own way in to publicity. She has everything at her disposal, this is why it is easy for her to get all the attention she needs, which apparently is one of the main things she would die for in this world.

She is the daughter of Conrad Hilton, who's father is the real hotel magnate who for some reason or another, did not bother to leave his last will and testament to his children. The money that she inherits from his parents makes her an indispensable heiress to their properties.

Maybe we cannot blame her for what she made herself to be despite all her wealth she had since birth. Because spoilage leads nowhere but to the spoilage of character, if there is anything left to spoil and the corruption of thinking including morality and basic perspectives on things. But, she may be blamed for the great parts she had played, along with her publicists, on what the Americans and the world see in her.

But not all heiresses to great fortune are like her of course. There are those who make great exceptions, like the royalties of the England themselves. They remained to be classy and honorable despite of the fact that many tragically crippling incidents have already passed through their lives. While some parts of their private lives have been exposed to the public, with the help of the paparazzi of course, they still have the respect from the public itself. But Paris Hilton has none and she is not really worth comparing to these schooled royalties who do not spoil their little ones.

Further, let us take the best example of Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump and Ivana Trump. She is a Czech-American businesswoman and fashion model who have received good trainings from her parent especially during her college years.

She was a Bachelor of Science in Economics cum laude in Georgetown University who earned this through financing her needs in college. Her mother paid for her tuition though while she earned for her other expenses. Nonetheless, this sort of training and the lack of spoon-feeding formed her into a classy, intelligent lady who is worth the limelight and praise.

Again, it is not that Paris Hilton is worth comparing with this beautiful lady but it is just to give you the perspective that if Paris Hilton, with the aid of those people regularly surrounding her, helped herself to become a respectable woman then she could have turned the spotlight to herself with the exception of focusing on the wrong pages of her life. But again, she did not exert the effort to do that and she never bothered to make herself into a decent lady. Instead, she contented herself on being a table-dancing, porn star, doubtful reality show host alongside with her being the heiress of the Hilton Hotels.

We can all say that she is fake and many would bring the war on us that she is as real as the person sitting next to you. She is flawed and to justify this, she almost always never fails to bring herself into the public eye with all her misconducts. But to her credit, she claims that she is not bright and gives no contest on that.

Like all human, she has her shares of imperfections and we just have to take her for that.

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