Friday, June 29, 2007

The Difference Between 'Paris Hilton' and 'A Hilton Hotel' ?

Paris Hilton's 24-day term in the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California, has come to an end. The multi-millionaire heiress was sentenced to 45 days for violating a driving ban. Her trial and subsequent incarceration was the subject of a media frenzy, and her release sparked a massive bidding war between American TV channels for an exclusive interview. She was also the inspiration for the Mio Destino 'Free Paris' and 'Jail Paris' protest panties. She stands to make millions from her jail term.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Paris was able to use a shower, exercise facilities, television and a telephone every day of her stay in a small private room in the LA facility. She also had all her mail brought to her each day, and, presumably, her bed sheets changed regularly and laundry services provided free of charge. The experience, she claims, has renewed her love for the simple life.

Some patrons of the Hilton London Euston might suppose that their experience staying at the hotel in Bloomsbury was similar to Paris's incarceration. Reviewers on complained that their rooms were "dirty", "the smallest in the world", "strangely shaped" with "shabby furniture"; the hotel was "noisy" with a "fungal, damp smell"; the food was "poor" and "grotty". One client even complained that "at 11.45 they turned the electricity off!" The only difference, it seems, was that Paris stayed in LA for free and stands to make millions for her memoirs, while those who stayed at the Hilton hotel had to pay an average of £206 per night with their memoirs online merely warning others not to stay there themselves.

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